Ninja Parc

Ninja Parc is all about inspiring a world of movement. At Ninja Parc want to see people of all ages and abilities having fun together.

Ninja Parc

With the rising popularity of obstacle events, we sought to create a place where you could have fun with no intimidation or pressure to go outdoors, and to offer the affordability needed to be able to participate regularly.

Ninja Parc and its indoor obstacle course was conceived by John Pirlo in 2016. John has spent more than 20 years in the health and fitness industry and is an avid campaigner for the importance and benefits of movement. This belief in movement and making it as fun as possible as opposed to being a chore is what inspired the inception of Ninja Parc.

Ninja Parc is inclusive of all. John and the team behind Ninja Parc have and continue to work hard to ensure that people of all ages and ability can enter the indoor obstacle course and enjoy the experience. It is now our mission to spread the joy and benefits of Ninja Parc across the country.

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