Aussies do it better with buddies: 80% of Aussies benefit from exercising with a buddy

  Jul 12, 2021

Recently we surveyed our nationwide Genesis Health + Fitness membership base and found that Aussies are working out with a buddy – be it a friend, family member or relative – because they’re more likely to show up and it’s way more fun.

Almost 80% of respondents said they like working out with a friend (56%), partner (24%) or relative (21%) with 21% saying ‘in a pair’ is the only way they exercise!

The number one benefit of finding a sweaty soulmate is to make exercise more fun, followed by ‘keeping me company’ and ‘making me workout harder than a solo session’.

For the 20% who never workout with anyone else, the main reason is to enjoy their ‘me time’.

Genesis Health + Fitness National Fitness Manager, Sam Merza says the key to a successful match is making the right choices at the outset.

“A best friend may not necessarily be your best workout buddy, so don’t make that assumption,” said Sam. “You want to partner with someone who has a similar energy and enthusiasm level as you when it comes to physical activity – or more energy than you – as you don’t want anyone dragging you down.

“A bit of competition can be great, but that’s a personal choice. If you have a super-competitive friend and you think you’d find that stressful rather than motivating, then don’t go there. Test out the partnership first before you commit to signing up to anything regular together – that’s the best way to know for sure.”

Sam suggests you find a workout buddy who:

  1. Has a schedule that aligns with yours. If you work weekdays and your friend works nights and weekends, it will make the arrangement too hard (and if something is too hard, you won’t do it).
  2. Has a similar fitness level (or is slightly ahead of you) so they can encourage you to go a little harder.
  3. Has similar preferences. A workout duo won’t last long if one person is addicted to adrenalin sports and the other prefers quiet indoor activities like yoga. If you have a friend with different exercise tastes, they can be great to occasionally help get you out of your comfort zone to try something new, but for regular ongoing exercise, they’re probably not the best fit.
  4. Is an energy feeder. There are those people who feed your energy and fill your tank, while others tend to take away your energy and leave you feeling zapped. Align with someone who fills your energy cup and motivates you at 5am on a chilly Monday morning.
  5. Makes you smile. Having a laugh and ensuring workouts are fun will keep you both coming back for more.

If you and a buddy want to test out the partnership, get a free 5-day pass to your closest Genesis Health + Fitness here: