JUMP! Swim School Lilydale opens for kids & adults 

  Oct 12, 2022

New site for JUMP! Swim Schools next door to all-new wellness hub

JUMP! Swim School Lilydale will open on October 17, 2022 and approximately one-third of enrolments are children under the age of two, reflecting the shift observed nationally towards starting children earlier with the goal of swimming independently by age 2 – 3.

The Lilydale Squash and Fitness Centre in Victoria has had a $ 3 million upgrade to create a wellness hub that will include a new JUMP! Swim School, marking the 54th location for the franchise network. The new site operates alongside a multi-level Genesis Health and Fitness Club, Coaching Zone and Pursuit Martial Arts centre, creating a huge one-stop leisure destination for the outer north-eastern suburbs.

The new site is owned by franchisees Sonam and Nitin Saby who already own a JUMP! Swim School franchise at South Morang.

“I am very excited to extend our reach and be part of the new community hub in Lilydale so we can bring life-saving swim skills to more children,” said Sonam, who has been managing the South Morang site for over 6 years and teaches classes as well.

“I love teaching children life skills, we have two children ourselves. I strongly believe in leading from the front and saw JUMP! Swim Schools an opportunity to provide the best environment for the kids, where they can learn to swim without the distractions that they may experience in the bigger leisure swimming centres.”

“I am particularly excited about offering adult swim lessons alongside our kids’ lessons,” said Sonam, who also runs a swim school at South Morang.

“Coming from a migrant family, I know it is always daunting for adults who have not learned swimming lessons in their own country.

“We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and promising environment to adults where they will not feel scared or shy. Learning to swim shouldn’t have an age barrier. Age is just a number.

“It made sense to extend our program to adults – we have the boutique facilities and the highly skilled teachers to be able to help – and so we are.”

The CEO of JUMP! Swim School Mark Collins congratulated Sonam and Nitin on securing a second site in the network and said the positioning of the site within the wellness hub provided an excellent launching pad for the business.

“The location is primed to become a one-stop destination for health and leisure in outer north-east Melbourne and there are fantastic cross-promotional opportunities with this set-up,” said Mark. “It’s really important that we get more sites and classes up and running to help get kids off waitlists and into the water, so we couldn’t be happier about adding another location in Victoria.”


Enrolling your child in our swimming program will give them the skills they need to be water-safe, for life!

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