Ninja Parc Newcastle’s very own Ninja Warrior

  Jul 13, 2022

From Ninja Parc to Ninja Warrior!

Jason Mitchell Ninja Parc Newcastle

Ninja Parc member, Jason Mitchell is already in training for the next season of #AustralianNinjaWarrior, after making the final of this year’s show. Watch Jason tackle the HOTTEST course in town.

Jason has been training to be a Ninja Warrior for 3 and a half years at Ninja Parc Newcastle, 4 -5 times a week.
“Sometimes, my sessions are just a short 15-20 minutes to really burn the forearms and smash my grip strength. Other times I’ll be in there for an hour or more, especially when it’s skill development, like when the salmon ladder arrived.” says Jason.
Ninja Parc has given Jason a place close to home to develop his skills, creativity and endurance. “It has also given me a great community to challenge myself and others around the course.”
This training helped him tackle his hardest obstacle on the #AustralianNinjaWarrior course – The Anaconda. He says ” I totally under-estimated the power of the anaconda! I’ve trained doorknobs so many times, even though the lache is my strength I thought the door knobs were the safe option. I got to the first gap and realised I’d messed up the order of my hands making it just out of reach.”

We asked Jason:
What is your fav obstacle at Ninja Parc and why? AND, what are your top 3 tips for tackling that obstacle like a pro?
“I like the traverse box. This is a great obstacle for creativity and can absolutely smash your endurance and overall skillset. I love using a combination of the different grips/rings, moving up and back on both
sides completing as many “circuits” as possible without my feet touching the ground. Pro-tip: it’s all about the flow, being able to move smoothly is the key to fast and easy obstacles.”

What will it take for you to win this year – what are your strong points and what will you need to focus on?
“Speed and flow! There are some seriously quick teens and next up is the 1 on 1 race. I know a few people I do not want to come up against!”
Jason is not the only one – the extreme obstacle course sport is catching on with kids too! The high-energy obstacle-based activities and programs combine fun with physical challenges to inspire kids, families and adults to develop a love for movement.
Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for a new way to improve your strength, flexibility and cardio endurance, or you are an athlete finding an edge ready to become a ninja warrior, Ninja Parc has something to offer you.

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